Elected Officials: Why Quantity Without Quality Isn’t Meaningful: 3 Examples

Aren’t you tired of having elected officials, who focus on legislative, so – called victories, rather than serving the best interests of their constituents, and the nation, they should represent? Our 2016 Presidential elections, pointed to the fact, many voters are attracted to a candidate, who emphasized winning, seemingly, regardless of other factors! What does winning mean? Shouldn’t it be directed to creating and implementing the best, possible course of action, rather than simply, some expedient, possibly ill – conceived approach, which does not achieve its supposed objective/ purpose? With this in mind, this article will briefly examine and discuss, 3 examples, when we should be focusing more on quality, than quantity, and on viable solutions, rather than rhetoric and meaningless, empty promises!

1. Jobs: We often focus on the unemployment rate, even though, in fact, it is an unreliable statistic. Even if it wasn’t flawed, simply considering the raw data/ number, without paying attention to the growth, or lack of increase, in income levels, is less than the best approach, or methodology! Employment is a somewhat complicated issue, because some politicians, continue making meaningless, unrealistic promises and claims, such as when President Donald Trump, continuously speaks about bringing back coal jobs, when there are several issues involved, including the excessive costs of production (compared to other energy sources), technology (which replaces workers), safety issues, and environmental concerns! There are similar challenges, when the same politician (who likes saying he’s not one!) promises more factory jobs. Proposals regarding international trade, which promote isolation, rather than taking advantage of potential benefits, from partnering internationally, are both short – sighted and hurt the economy! The optimal approach would be focusing on education, job retraining, and technical/ computer enhancements! It’s not only about a single number or statistic!

2. Health care: Everyone has witnessed, the amount of time, energy and resources, taken by this President, in replacing the Affordable Care Act, not because he has a better plan, or solution, but apparently, because he seems to believe, doing so, enhances his personal political agenda, and those, like him, who seem content, spending the majority of their time, blaming President Obama, for any, and everything! Trump even went so far, as to say, he would sign any replacement legislation, which crossed his desk. He blamed those who opposed this, even though, the replacement, did nothing to improve, and/ or address the flaws in the existing legislation, and, in fact, would create a situation, where tens of millions of Americans, would lose the insurance they had! Wouldn’t the responsible approach be, to tweak the existing legislation, and do what’s best for its citizens?

3. Tax reform: The President continues to talk about the need for tax reform, seemingly to be able to say, he did, and won, rather than doing anything, of relevance, to improve it. Look at the proposals, and ask, who benefits, and why! Who is being served? Is this tax reform, or a reincarnation of the trickle – down approach?

Voters should pay more attention to what politicians propose, and why! Be certain it is more about improving quality, than merely focused on numbers, potentially phony statistics/ data, or quantity!